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Sculpture and Props
Ray Phillips
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Welcome to the website of UK artisit Ray Phillips

On the following pages you'll find out about the range of work, commissions and educational activities undertaken and how to contact the artist in connection with his professional practice.

Latest  Work
Very busy in the workshop over the past couple of months.
A new commission for a 1/3rd scale TARDIS police box for a customer well known for his work on the BBC sci fi show Doctor Who, as well as his work for Big Finish is now completed , along with the completetion of the radio controlled R2-D2 prop.


I'm also about to conduct 3 days of prosthetic make up workshops for key stage 3 pupils this month. Lots of prep work involved but well worth the effort.


Just completed a number of pieces for a stage production of 'Hunt'  by Fionnuala Kennedy.
The work comprising of major scenery and set pieces as well as smaller props.

Lots of work on the go lately with two large scale props (Dalek and radio controlled R2D2), commissions for two Dr Who 'cat person' masks, a 'SFX' exploding baseball bat and the refurb of a Star Wars storm trooper costume.

Sil and the Devil Seeds of Arodor
'Sil and the Devil Seeds of Arodor'' continues to gain impressive critical acclaim with no less than 100 awards from competions and film festivals across the world. The latest awards being
Best MakeUp/Wardrobe/Set/Props/Costume Design at the 2021 Toronto 'Geekfest'

I am so proud to have been part of the art department crew on this Reeltime Pictures production, having designed and built all the major props and set decoration signage.
Find out more about 'Sil and the Devil Seeds ' here.

See the 'Sil' props here>
Welcome to the Rat Race!

Located at the edge of ancient woodland on the outskirts of the small Northumberland town of Morpington is the town’s recycling centre, or tip as it is more commonly known as to the locals.
What the local people don’t know is that once a year the rodent residents of the recycling centre, who are rather special in their own way, run their annual Rat Race. The Rat Race takes place when the centre is closed on New Year’s Day and is ‘all-comers’ 50 lap race around the recycling centre’s one-way system in vehicles created by the resourceful rats from discarded items scavenged from the skips.

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Sculpture and Props
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