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Junk Art

Mass production and the commendable shift by most towards recycling have, it could be argued, led to less and less value being placed on everyday objects. However, I believe everyday objects can be powerful and can often evoke recollections of memories and experiences. I gather my materials from flea markets, car boot sales, recycle bins, auctions – anywhere that they may have been discarded, unwanted, broken or having served their original purpose. I’m drawn to their individual tales and aesthetics. Some bear the marks of time: wear from use, decades of weather or countless years forgotten in a cupboard, drawer, garden shed or attic. Others show evidence of their former owners – a child’s name, a tradesman’s initials or skilled craftsman’s dedicated touch. I enjoy the difficulties and physical challenges of assembling these often unrelated objects into the creations you see here. From sketches to final assembly they require preparation, patience and an ever expanding skill set. Screws, bolts, resin and rivets are used in the sculptures to create the illusion of the parts fitting naturally together. The viewer’s initial response is, I hope, to the charm of the constructed characters and sculptures I create. This emotional response invites them to make a closer look and they are invited to share their knowledge and experiences with the objects they might recognise in the work and this ultimately becomes integrated into their collective story.    

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